Monday, September 17, 2012


Sa Sa! (what's up)

We finally have internet access again! Just wanted to give an update of what's been going on over the last few days.

We left Nairobi on Friday, got to Kijabe (where we are staying) to have lunch with Isaac and Esther. Friday afternoon we went down to Maai Mahiu to meet the core team from Rift Valley Fellowship and to go out into the community for house visits.

My team went with Esther, Pastor Isaac's wife. It was Jake, Jesse, Esther and I.

A man we met making Mundazi -
fried bread, kinda like sopapillas, but a little less sweet.

Esther on the left with the women we met on Friday.
Zipporah and Mary with their grandmother.
We ended the afternoon with an open-air fellowship service. Things started out slow, but the crowd began to grow. There was worship and dancing and we could definitely see the Lord's hand when Matt was asked to share his testimony which spoke to the community and went well with Pastor Isaac's sermon.

Hayley and I with some girls we met at the open-air fellowship.
Notice the two girls in the middle both have babies on their backs.
The girl on the left's name is Catherine. You'll be seeing more of her. :-)
We ended our day having dinner at Esther and Isaac's house and when we got ready to go to their guest house we found out they were having a problem with leaks. I found this out when we were on our way walking from Isaac and Esther's house to the guest house and the route seemed very familiar - we were walking to the ENT House, which is where we stayed last year. When I got there Esther told me about the leak and said it just so happened that the ENT House was empty and had room for us. Thank you Lord for providing a place for us to stay. Even though it was a little hick-up in Esther's planning, the team didn't even notice it. 

Although it was our first full day in country, we were excited to hit the ground running. There was no time to waste - we needed to get started right away.

I think most of us were a bit timid to begin with, but by Saturday we were more comfortable being out in the community. We are all so thankful to be a part of the work the Lord is doing here in Maai Mahiu.  We continue to feel your prayers and are so thankful to have you waring for us in prayer.

Continue to check the team YouTube channel. We've posted a few videos!

Keep the prayers coming!


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