Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life List

Have you ever head of anyone doing a list of "25 things before I turn 25" or "30 before turning 30"? I've heard of other people doing this type of thing with a deadline of a few months. Well, I decided on June 1st that I wanted to make one of these lists, but I'm giving myself a good amount of time in order to make bigger goals. I started talking about it with some friends and got a few people interested in doing the same type of thing. I decided to make mine 30 things before I turn 30. That gives me 5 and a half years to finish my 30 goals. Some are small and some are large. It took me a whole month to come up with everything, but it is finally finished! Here goes nothin!

1. learn photography in manual mode on a digital SLR camera
2. start a shop for invitations, cards, stationery and crafts - probably an ETSY shop.
3. take a culinary class or two
4. travel
5. create an actual website
6. take a glass blowing class
7. learn to letterpress
8. grow and establish my own veggie garden
9. shop at a farmer's market
10. own a library card... and use it!
11. ride a bike to work
12. read the whole bible
13. read 75 books
14. make my own cookbook
15. completely brand myself and love, jules stationery
16. write letters to those I love
17. finish a half marathon (if my knees can take it)
18. learn to sew well
19. make 3 articles of clothing
20. go speed dating with my girl friends, just for fun
21. learn to love wine
22. ride a train
23. have a spa night with the girls
24. catch fireflies
25. make homemade ice cream
26. make smores w/ Reese's over a campfire
27. go to museums
28. go to the beach
29. take a dancing class - swing or salsa or something fun like that
30. and finally one's a secret. I'll tell you once it's complete :)

My idea is to make a list every 5 years of shorter term goals. I also want to have a "long list" of things that will take me longer than 5 years to complete. So far the only one that's on the long list is to set foot in all 50 states.

Let Phase One of the Life List begin!