Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sunday 9/16/12 - Adapted from my Journal

Sunday morning we spent some time discussing and paying about what we expected for the day. Knowing that we were launching weekly worship services for RVF in the afternoon, we prayed for the church to be overflowing with people and that the gospel would be proclaimed.
The girls before leaving the ENT house.
We spent the morning visiting Peter & Agnus in Naivasha. Esther & Isaac have been involved with an orphan ministry there for a long time and now Peter & Agnus are in charge of the ministry. We met 12-13 older orphans who live with their relatives, but are supported by the ministry. It was fun getting to know them.
Scenery as we drive to Naivasha
The dirt road leading to Peter & Agnus's house
They took us to a nearby property that Peter & Agnus are hoping to buy in order to take in many more orphans to live with them. We spent some time fellowshiping at this house, and praying. I pray for the Lord to make a way for Peter & Agnus to purchase this property for the ministry.
Margaret (center) and her sister (left) stand with Peter
as Esther and Isaac (and their daughter Rachel)
talk about the orphan ministry. 
As Esther was introducing the kids to us, she got very choked up as she began talking about Margaret, one of the older girls (16-17ish). Esther later told us about the common practice of female genital mutilation. She said it is very common, very painful, and has very long-lasting effects emotionally. This practice is cruel and hateful. Esther is working to help change lives by protecting these girls. She said once a girl has this done, she is then "mature" and ready for marriage. 

So far, Esther and Isaac have been able to protect Margaret and the other girls involved in this ministry. Praise the Lord! During holidays, when the kids are out of school, the girls usually come to stay with Esther & Isaac in order to protect them from family members who may try to force this custom on them. While talking with Margaret, she told us she wants to finish school and go to university. Education is very important to her and if she were forced to become "mature" and get married, she would no longer be able to continue in her education. Pray for these girls.
Jake praying with one of the boys as we walk back
to Peter & Agnus's house from the property they hope to purchase nearby.
The girls chatting on the walk back.
We left Naivasha to head to Maai Mahiu for church, which was to "start" at 2pm. Of course, we were late. This is Kenya - we're on Kenya TIme. We kept joking about that, but I actually liked it. Things run at a much more relaxed pace in Kenya. I can see both positives and negatives of this cultural trait. On one hand it allows them to be more relational, more caring towards people rather than being so focused on productivity. But, on the other hand, it can be frustrating if you're trying to plan a meeting or event. 

We finally made it to the church and there were already tons of people there, both adults and children, some of which we had met over the last 2 days. I was incredibly encouraged. I love when you pray for something specific and the Lord is quick to answer your prayers. As I sat next to Bob and Julie I told them how excited I was and Bob said "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this." I am so thankful the Lord has given them a gospel-speaking church to be a part of. I pray that they are encouraged and restored through this church.
Esther welcomes us as we begin the service.
Agnus and Esther lead worship.
Many more people have come into the service by now. 
After Isaac preached a spirit-breathed, gospel-centered sermon on grace and not casting stones, (the service was overflowing with people, btw) we served a full meal. Everyone ate until they were full and there was still tons of food left over. I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous about the amount of food being enough, but the Lord was faithful to provide. I felt like it was similar to Jesus multiplying the food to feed the 5000. Granted, there definitely wasn't 5000 people present, but there was at least a few hundred people.
Serving lunch.
Catherine at lunch.
We all played with the sweet kids and I spotted Matt having a deep conversation with a man, Ellude, who we had met the day before when we met before starting our home visits for the day. He was a part of the core Kenyan team helping us navigate the home visits. Come to find out, Ellude had never actually professed Jesus as his Lord and Savior and had been hiding, living a lie for many years. He told Matt that his testimony on Friday had spoken to him. They talked and Ellude confessed his sins to Matt & Isaac and accepted the Lord as his savior!

I praise God for the work he has done in Ellude's life and for the work He will continue to do in him and through him.

I also saw a few ladies I had met previously during home visits. Zipporah was there as well as Veronica and Beatrace. I talked to Beatrace, told her I was glad to see her and that I hoped she would come back the next week even though we wouldn't be there. I pray that the Lord uses RVF to work in her life in a big way.

The hardest thing I experienced so far this year was leaving the kids on Sunday. I had spent 2+ days loving on Catherine and she just clung to me, but then she began asking me and telling me her brother needed a sponsor. Lots of people, kids and adults, started asking for stuff. Even though they had just stuffed themselves with a huge meal, they were still asking for food. I'm not exactly sure why, but it kinda started to harden my heart. Here we had been, loving on these people for 3 days, and it felt like all they viewed us as was rich Americans. It felt like they didn't care about us personally, but only what we could give them. I understand, if they don't ask they feel like they won't get, but I also feel like begging is a part of the culture there. 

I know the Lord knows the needs of all of these people and that we are not responsible for meeting all of these needs. I have to rest in knowing He will use this to glorify Himself, He has not forgotten these people and He will provide. 

On the way home we witnessed the most incredible sunset. I think it was a present from the Lord to help us remember this landmark day in the life of Rift Valley Fellowship and in the lives of the people of Maai Mahiu.

Lord, I love you and I thank you for the way you have revealed yourself to me in the short time we've been here. I pray that you continue to do so. Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may speak your truth and glorify your name. I love you.