Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Crazies!

This last weekend I went to a couple of concerts. On friday night my sister and I went to see Eli Young Band (my favorite) at Lonestar Park. We got there in enough time to see the last few races.

I hadn't been to an outdoor texas country concert in a while and was a little surprised when we got there. I guess there's gotta be at least one  Crazy at every concert.

Seriously?! Who wears a mile high mohawk to a TEXAS COUNTRY CONCERT?! This guy, that's who. It was definitely a sight to see. 

Anyway, the concert was great, despite the crazy drunkenness, smoking and cussing. 
Mike Eli, Lead Singer

Drummer wearing awesome aviators.
How cute is this kid?! It was his 3rd birthday. Don't worry he was with the band.

My sister and I realized how much we actually segregate ourselves from worldly and secular things/situations. I'm not sure I would have noticed it if I wouldn't have attended this concert. Even if it is a different atmosphere, I still LOVE texas country!

my Sissy and I

I've had tickets to the Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum concert for about a month now which just so happened to be on saturday, the day after the EYB concert. Saturday morning I found out we were going to have 2 extra tickets, so I asked my friend, Traci, if she wanted to go. She said yes :)
Me and Traci
Allison, Julia and I
the rest of the world. it was so hot at this point.

I guess this is the largest outdoor concert I've ever been to, because I was amazed at how many people were there. I was so glad we had lawn tickets so we could spread out. 

Love and Theft was the opener. I only knew one of their songs "Runnaway". They played a really short set, so I didn't get a picture of them actually playing.
Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum came on next. I love them and I love how many hits they've had lately.

Of course there were some crazies at this concert too.
she was dancin' up a storm!
this guy cared more about Tim's wife than he did about Tim.
Faith wasn't there btw.
it creeps me out to see people dancing like this in public..

She's not crazy, but guess who I saw!!
Melody! We'll definitely be hanging out soon.

And finally what everyone was waiting for...
the concert was at Fair Park and I loved being able to see the farris wheel 

It was Fantastic - Probably the best concert of my life!

I had the best weekend!