Monday, July 26, 2010

river trip PICTURES!!

Amye and I while it actually isn't raining on the first day
Cold Blake?
awww precious 
Sorority Squat! Brooks Jay is a professional.
Note to self: buy Chacos so you can walk in the river next time 
and not miss out on all the fun.. 
When Tobbe got there - I missed the huge hug. If you look closely you can see it's raining!
I'm sorry, I can't remember the Shark's name. 
Actually on the river now.
Hey, thanks for switching with me so I could wear your hat.
Snack time :)
day 2 - America Day!
Sparkly tattoos my Mom got for us for America Day! 
Thanks Mom!
Just hangin' out
the boys
the girls
the love birds
Saved the best for last - the whole group!

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