Monday, September 24, 2012

From my journal - Saturday 9/15/12

Beatrace is a woman I met with today as we were doing home visits. She told us she was separated from her husband because she got pregnant when her second son was only a year old and her husband wanted her to abort the baby. She refused and moved in with her mother. She seemed very touched that we came to pray with her. I hope she comes to church tomorrow. I wish I could get to know her more and build a relationship with her. She seems like she just needs a loving friend.

Today I felt more of a language barrier then I've ever felt here. It's difficult to sit while someone has a conversation and Swahili and wait for translation at the end of the conversation. I would love to learn Swahili.

It has been interesting - trying to figure out where my heart is naturally drawn. Is it the women or the children? I absolutely love playing with and loving on the children, but the women need so much love too.

Tomorrow we will get to meet some older orphans that Esther and Isaac help provide for. I am excited to meet them. We will get to see the older Naomi's Village kids tomorrow too, which I am excited about also.

Lord, Help me to keep my focus tomorrow. Keep me present and looking outward and not only inward. Lord, use us tomorrow as you've used us today. I beg that you save souls tomorrow. I long for these people to walk in freedom and to know your love. I praise you for the work you've already done and will do.


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