Thursday, May 26, 2011

Owl Be Seeing You

A few months ago I volunteered to paint an artist's guitar for a silent auction that would be held at the Wildflower! Festival that takes place in Richardson every spring. As with most projects, I began by researching. I decided I wanted to paint an owl on the back of the guitar because it resembled the shape of an owl and I love owls :) My design was heavily influenced by these 4 images.
I found the rooster first and fell in love with the scandinavian influence of the print. When I was researching owls to look at differnt shapes I found this tee and thought it went well with the scandinavian style.
This plate was the inspiration for the owl's eyes.
I absolutely LOVED the colors in this picture and based my color palette on it.

I began sketching out my ideas and came up with this thumbnail.
This is what the guitar looked like before I began.
The next step was to draw recreate my sketch in actual size on paper I applied to the guitar. 
And then I chose which color would go where.
I decided to create a flower-like pattern using shapes similar to the eyes of the owl.
Next I used transfer paper to make sure my lines were as acurate as possible.
And here's the finished product!
Here's my guitar actually at the festival. It's entitled "Owl Be Seeing You"
My guitar on the table with the rest - first in line!
Another one I really liked :)
And last but not least - Me and my guitar. 

It was really hard to give it away. I worked on it all day every day for about a week straight. Lots of planning and hard work went into this thing and I kinda wanted to keep it for myself. I think It went for over $400 $550!! 

Not to bad my friends, Not to bad.


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  1. So beautiful!
    What a great idea!
    Love what you did with it!