Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miss Goose

I have the sweetest, cutest, most spoiled dog in the world. Her name is Holly - except I call her Goose most of the time. Actually, she has a lot of names - Holly, Goose, Miss Goose, Goosie Goo, Missy Goose, etc. You're probably wondering why the heck I call her Goose.
Well, this is why -
Because she's a Silly Goose!

Every time anyone says the word "walk" this is what happens. We've learned to come up with other terms for a walk. Most common are "The W" or "a stroll". She also knows when it's dinner time because we say "Holly, what time is it?" and she talks just the same way as she does when it's time for "a stroll". Oh, and another interesting thing about her - she basically never barks, unless she's really scared. She sure does talk a lot though!

She's very quirky in other ways as well. She doesn't like to walk on tile or hard wood floors, we call her tile-challenged, and she doesn't like tight spaces. I think she's claustrophobic. She's got such a personality. I love her so much! How can you resist that face?!


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