Tuesday, June 22, 2010

West Texas

Last friday my sister and I traveled home because I had to attend a wedding and we wanted to spend father's day with our dad. We both took the friday off in order to spend an extra day at home. We left on thursday evening and drove the 6 hours home. About half-way home we got to enjoy yet another beautiful West Texas sunset.
Have you ever seen anything like it? If not, you're missing out!

On friday evening my best friend and her boyfriend, Christi and Josh, came to stay with us because they were planning on going to the wedding as well. Josh hadn't ever been to Lubbock, so Christi and I decided he needed to experience the real deal. We took him to our favorite bar, Chimy's. 
We asked him what he thought and he said "The margaritas are stronger here in Lubbock than they are at the one in Fort Worth." Of course we love the original better - who doesn't love a bar that's in an old house?! it has so much character. 

So, we're old and left the bar around before midnight. Since Josh hadn't ever seen campus we decided to give him a moon-light tour. Plus we hadn't ever taken pictures there at night so why not right?
I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that..
I can't believe we hadn't ever taken pictures on campus at night... I mean EVERYONE takes pictures on campus at night. I guess it just took us a few extra years.

Being back in the LBK with my Bestie is the best! Love you!!


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