Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Summer time

As I think back to summer time as a kid there are a few things that come to mind. Ya know, the normal things - riding bikes, playing outside in the water (we didn't have pool yet), walking barefoot down the street to our neighborhood friend's house. But, there's one thing that stands out the most. My sister and I, along with the rest of the neighborhood kids, would ride our bikes a few blocks to THE PINK SNOW-CONE STAND. Ok, so that's not it's real name obviously, but we couldn't ever remember the real name. It was always pink and white striped, no matter how many times they painted it, so that's what we called it - The Pink Snow-Cone Stand.
from my dad's blackberry - I have no idea who that kid is

My favorites have never changed. I've always LOVED rainbow and green apple. Once I got a little older I would branch out and try a new flavor every now and then, but the favorites always stayed the same. 

Now, this isn't an actual rainbow snow-cone from "The Pink Snow-cone Stand" (since I'm 6+ hours away) but it sure looks like it. And it looks delicious!

Now days my summer activities are a little different. I enjoy running, working out, hanging out with friends and going to concerts but I would definitely have to say my favorite summer time activity is laying out by the pool.
from Aimee

I have had a few opportunities this summer to lay out, but not as many as I'd like (yet). Now, instead of a snowcone from "The Pink Snow-Cone Stand", my beverage of choice is a Diet Coke from Sonic's Happy Hour! I basically can't live with out Sonic diet cokes. Hopefully this weekend I'll be enjoying my favorite summer past-time. 

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